President Chakwera has promised to govern by a set of five principles that he calls The Chakwera SUPER HI-5, which highlight the five policy focus areas that will be high on his gubernatorial agenda: Servant Leadership; Uniting Malawi; Prospering Together; Ending Corruption; Rule of Law.

These priorities may be summed up as follows:

  • Servant Leadership: A promise to restructure the Presidency and the Civil Service both practically and constitutionally to be defined by quality service and results, not power and privilege.
  • Uniting Malawi: A promise to unify Malawians by meeting the Opposition quarterly, facilitating the celebration of all tribes, and depoliticizing traditional chieftaincies.
  • Prospering Together: A promise to build infrastructure in all regions of Malawi, to create one million jobs for youth within a year, increase the minimum wage, waive income tax for everyone earning less than K100,000, provide capital to one million women to start their own businesses, reduce the cost of fertilizer to K4,495 and to increase food production
  • Ending Corruption: A promise to create special courts to deal with corruption, establish an anti-corruption office in each government department, toughen anti-corruption laws, and empower the Anti-Corruption Bureau with resources.
  • Rule of Law: A promise to report to Parliament for questioning as required by law, a promise to resource law-enforcement agencies to enforce the law, and a promise to respect the judgments of the courts.

President Chakwera has challenged Malawians that fulfilling these promises will be the best way of “Building A New Malawi Enjoyed by All” (Kumanga Malawi Watsopano Okomela Tonse), a phrase he has used extensively as his rallying campaign slogan, from whose last word was derived the name “Tonse Alliance”, the nine-party coalition he led to victory in the 2020 Fresh Presidential Election to become the sixth President of the Republic of Malawi.