President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera on Wednesday hosted a group of young engineers at Kamuzu Palace to appreciate samples of electric motorcycles they are building locally with the support of foreign investors.

Being a green technology, the motorcycles produce zero carbon emissions and are recommended by green advocates in managing climate change and building greener and sustainable economies.

The President noted that the young engineers are contributing positively to Malawi’s transition from a predominantly importing to an exporting economy.

President Chakwera poses with the young engineers outside Kamuzu Palace

On job and wealth creation, President Chakwera said he was delighted with the positive trajectory Malawi has taken in realising her dreams as a nation in line with the Malawi Vision 2063 agenda of a self-reliant, industrialised, middle-income nation.

He said his administration will continue to create a business-friendly environment for investors in all sectors.

He has since asked the company to develop a strategy for scaling up production which will resultantly create more jobs and wealth.


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